Silia began as a dream that came to fruition in 2011 in the heart of the Tuscan countriside, thanks to the collaborative inspirational forces of Ilaria Sartori, Livio Spilli and Massimo Ilarioni. Their aim was to create a line of luxurious furnishings, using Perspex, a modern and innovative material, which, thanks to its unique characteristics, is capable of generating extraordinary visual effects and spectacular plays of light. In just a few short years Silia rapidly affirmed itself internationally as an exclusive luxury brand name thanks to their talent for merging their creative ingenuity with the highest quality materials.


Silia specialises in the use of polymethyl methacrylate to craft luxury home accessories.
The elaborative processing of Plexy is complemented by the addition of precious materials such as gemstones, 24K gold and python skin, which merge together to make each piece unique and precious. These luxurious creations are crafted using high-tech, precision machinery to achieve the highest standards of perfection and then hand-finished by highly-skilled craftsmen who make the original pieces, thus guaranteeing the impeccable standard of Made in Italy.


Silia has chosen to collaborate with local craftsmen of long-standing traditions in the Florentine province, who have been developing and refining their skills throughout generations over the centuries. The rapid growth of Silia has also attracted the attention of internationally renowned designers and architects, who have collaborated with Silia, adding another layer of imagination and inspiration to enrich Silia’s already exemplary collections.